Top Montana Club Traveling Trophy


Any SASS-affiliated Montana Club may submit the names of 5 of their members who are registered to shoot the main match at the SASS Montana State Championship to be their “team” for the competition.  We will add the final main match scores of the five members of the “team” and the lowest score will determine which club will take home the traveling trophy to display at their range for the year. 

When the Club returns the trophy to the SASS Montana State Championship the following year, a plaque will be added to the trophy indicating the name of the Club that held it the previous year.

These are the rules:

          1. Team shooters must be members of the Club  they represent.

          2. Only one member of the team may be an out-of-State member of the Club they are representing. The other four must be Montana residents.



We reserve the right to “polish” the requirements and process as needed!

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