Side Matches

The State Championship will include these side matches:  (Check back to see if we add more!)

Bolt-Action Military Match (BAMM) – This will be a three-stage match.

  • RIFLES: Any properly functioning, safe to shoot, center-fire bolt-action rifle issued by any country for use as a battle rifle is welcome. Original military as issued, no sporters.  Only iron sights will be allowed.  Slings, bayonets and stripper clips allowed.
  • HANDGUNS: To include but not limited to: 1911, Luger, Broomhandles, and revolvers such as the 1917, Webleys, Enfields, Victory revolvers, Nagants, etc.
  • AMMO: Rifle- 36 (1 sighter) rounds, Handguns – 40 rounds; Rifles – lead bullets only, gas checks okay. Moderate muzzle velocities, 1400 fps max; Handgun – lead bullets only, 1000 fps max.
  • TARGETS: Rifle targets at 75 yards; handgun at 10 yards.
  • STAGING: rifle and handgun will be staged on table, no holsters necessary.
  • POSITION:  Off-hand
  • COSTUMING:  There are no costuming requirements, but military uniforms will earn you style points.

Speed Matches – Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun

Cowboy Clays – 5 shots from each of three positions.

Schuetzen Plaque – One shot with your match rifle at a wood plaque placed at an unknown distance. The shooter who hits closest to the SASS Marshall’s badge wins the plaque to take home. Charge $2.00 – Proceeds go to the SASS Scholarship Fund.

Long-Range Matches: All Long-Range Matches will be shot on the BHS range.

Long Range Matches will be hosted by Prairie Daisy and Bodie Camp this year and more  information will be forthcoming.

Pocket Pistol/Derringer  (Hosted by May B. Shecann and Johnny Pinebox)

.22 Rimfire – 10 rifle rounds at swinger plates and 5 handgun rounds at steel targets.




Cowboy Action Shooting in Great Falls, Montana