February:    The weather cooperated (a little) so we had three intrepid shooters!

Scores 2-15-20

May: Between the weather and the Coronavirus shutdown, we weren’t able to shoot after February.  However, our May weekend was beautiful and several shooters were ready to go!

Scores 5-16-20

Scores 5-17-20

Scores 5-24-20 WB

June:  Beautiful weather for the weekend matches and a lot of friends to shoot with.

Scores 6-20-20

Scores 6-21-20

Scores 6-28-20 WB

July: Montana State Championship:  Please see results on the Montana State Championship page.

August:   Two perfect weekends for shooting!

Scores 8-15-20

Scores 8-16-20

Scores 8-23-20 WB

September:   The weather is a little cooler and the official season is, sadly, almost finished.

Scores 9-13-20 WB

Scores 9-26-20

Scores 9-27-20

October: Mother Nature decided our season should be shortened this year so she sent two feet of snow to prevent our matches from happening!



Cowboy Action Shooting in Great Falls, Montana