March:  Winter was not kind to us so we didn’t get to shoot!  However,  the first day of spring was beautiful so it was time to get warmed up for the new season!

Scores 3-20-21

April:   We had a couple of pretty early spring days…a little cool but nice.

Scores 4-17-21

Scores 4-18-21

May:   Two beautiful days and good friends to shoot with!

Scores 5-15-21

Scores 5-16-21

June:  Saturday was beautiful…Sunday was a little rainy early but the sun came out for shooting!   

Scores 6-19-21

Scores 6-20-21

We shot a combination Wild Bunch/Cowboy match this month and met some new friends!

Scores 6-27-21


Cowboy Action Shooting in Great Falls, Montana