Scores 1-21-18

FEBRUARY:  Mother Nature dumped a lot of snow so we couldn’t shoot in February.

MARCH:   Chilly and a little muddy but we had a good day.

Scores 3-17-18

APRIL:    Our first “official” matches of 2018 were great!  The weather was decent and we had a great group of shooters, including a couple who were new  to the game.

Scores 4-14-18

Scores 4-15-18

MAY:  We had two great days for shooting and great groups of shooters!  Saturday was a little cool but Sunday was beautiful with none of that “w” stuff!

Scores 5-19-18

Scores 5-20-18

JUNE:  Lots of rain on Saturday so we had to cancel but Sunday was a lot better and we a good day of shooting.

Scores 6-17-18

JULY:  No regular monthly matches in July due to the Montana State match.  Please see the State match scores on the State match pages.

AUGUST:  Two beautiful days for shooting….low temperatures and no wind.

Scores 8-25-18

Scores 8-26-18

SEPTEMBER:  Great shooters, great weather, good shooting fun!

Scores 9-15-18

Scores 9-16-18

Scores 9-29-18      Four brave souls shot the match in the rain! No match on Sunday due to snow!

OCTOBER:  We had a beautiful fall weekend for shooting our final matches of the official season.

Scores 10-20-18

Scores 10-21-18

Scores 10-21-18



Cowboy Action Shooting in Great Falls, Montana