We didn’t have much luck over the winter as the weather just didn’t cooperate, so we couldn’t shoot.

April 20:   Rain and wind caused cancellation of our first official season match.

April 21:  Four brave shooters sent bullets downrange and had a great day!

Scores 4-21-19

May 11:   The weather forecast said it would be a beautiful day so we decided to have a make-up match.

Scores 5-11-19

May 18: It rained and rained and rained…so no shooting!

May 19:  The rain stopped and the day was clear but cool.  Springtime in Montana….

Scores 5-19-19

June:   June turned out to be a little cool and damp but we were able to shoot!

Scores 6-15-19

Scores 6-16-19

Scores 6-23-19 Wild Bunch

June BONUS Matches:  Snce June had a 5th weekend and the weather was projected to be beautiful, we decided to shoot a couple bonus matches.

Scores 6-29-19

Scores 6-30-19

July SASS Montana Championship – Please see results under State Championship page.

August 17 –  It rained overnight and was a little drizzly when the match began but it cleared up as the morning went on.

Scores 8-17-19

August 18 – Beautiful day for shooting!

Scores 8-18-19

August 25Wild Bunch Day!  Only three shooters but they had fun!

Scores 8-25-19 WB

September:  A little rain Friday night, but the Saturday match was dry.  Sunday was great.

Scores 9-21-19

Scores 9-22-19e

October: A couple of nice fall days for shooting!

Scores 10-19-19

Scores 10-20-19



Cowboy Action Shooting in Great Falls, Montana